After the entry of a final order with the Court, material and substantial changes may occur in the lives of either the child and/or the parents. When this occurs, a modification by the Court may be necessary. A child-related issue involving a modification may include custody, visitation and support of the child. These child-related issues may be modified multiple times by the Court until the children are grown.

Grandparent Rights

There are some cases where the grandparents may need to have a relationship ordered by the Court with the children. Sometimes, these matters are very difficult to finalize allowing the grandparents ability to legally-connect with their grandchildren. If you find yourself in this situation, a family law attorney would best direct you in your decision-making process as the grandparent.

Contempt / Enforcement

Parents are obligated to follow the Court’s order put in place whether it be paying their child support on time or to provide visitation to the other parent. If a parent chooses not to follow the Order they may be facing an enforcement suit and find themselves being held in contempt of the Court. The Court may choose to punish the violator with a fine, jail time or both. Due to the requirements of an enforcement suit, and the range of punishment, it benefits the parties involved to have an experienced family law attorney handling these matters.

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