You Are Not Alone.

The end of a marriage is a stressful and emotional time for everyone involved, especially children. You are not alone – studies show that over 50% of marriages in the United States will end in divorce.

Choose A Competent And Experienced Divorce Lawyer To Guide You Through Divorce And Protect Your Legal Rights

As difficult as a divorce is by itself, a divorce may become much more complex when children are involved. The entire family unit is changed, and the divorce process can be very traumatic and confusing for everyone involved, especially minor children. Child visitation, support, and custody are issues that can become extremely contested between couples that are going through divorce. Our experienced Dallas Divorce Lawyer will fight to make certain that child support payments or custody arrangements are fair to you and to your children.

Do you Wish to Protect your Marital Property?

Marital property can also be a highly contested topic during divorce. During marriage, a husband and wife create a community estate, an estate which includes material possessions, retirement accounts and real property (including a marital homestead).  The community estate, after a divorce is filed, must be divided pursuant to Texas’ Marital Property Law’s just and right standard. An experienced Dallas Divorce Lawyer will take steps to protect your rights and prevent LOSS of marital assets that BELONG TO YOU. Decisions such as whether and/or when you should move out of the marital residence, and whether and/or when you should begin to separate your finances from your spouse’s finances must be considered very carefully.  These decisions should be made only after consulting with an experienced Dallas Divorce Lawyer.

The Most Important Decision You Will Make is Selecting the Right Lawyer to Represent You

In the divorce legal arena, the first and most important step towards success is hiring the right attorney.  It is CRUCIAL that you hire an attorney that is not only highly qualified and experienced, but also one that you are comfortable with and can trust.

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Don’t Settle for Less than you are Entitled – Hire an Experienced Dallas Divorce Lawyer

During this difficult time with so many options to weigh and consider, it is imperative that you choose a Dallas Divorce Lawyer who can help you maneuver through the divorce process, successfully. Only an experienced Dallas Divorce Lawyer can help you avoid common pitfalls that can literally make your life miserable for a very long time. When you are in need of a Dallas Divorce Lawyer, you should make certain that you hire and experienced professional who will lighten your load – a Dallas Divorce Lawyer who will support you and your family as you get through these uncertain and difficult times.

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Speaking with our experienced Dallas Divorce Lawyer before any decisions are made is ESSENTIAL to knowing and protecting your legal rights. Hiring the right Dallas Divorce Lawyer will afford you the peace of mind in knowing that your divorce will be handled properly, and will free you from future complications in many areas of your life that will most certainly occur if your divorce is not handled properly.

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