Schorr Law Firm attorneys provide resourceful and practical representation to clients involved in complex litigation matters, including:

  • Trusts and Estates – disputes between fiduciaries, beneficiaries and others involving trusts, guardianships and distributions of estates
  • Misuse of Intellectual Property – including copyrights, trademarks, service marks and trade secrets
  • Fraud and Deceptive Trade Practices – misrepresentation and fraud in business transactions
  • Employer/Employee Disputes – disabilities, overtime, discrimination (age, gender, race), health and pension benefits
  • Breach of Contract – agreements to provide goods and services, transactions involving the sale and purchase of real estate and other business assets, insurance contracts
  • Tortious Interference with Contract – a party’s interference with a valid contract
  • Professional Liability – breach in the standard of care by a professional service provider
  • Business Disputes – involving business entities and/or individuals and representatives of entities

Complex litigation usually involves the following:

  • Large Resources – sufficient to engage in potentially extensive litigation
  • High Stakes – involving significant property and/or financial risks
  • Multiple Parties – with incompatible positions
  • Hourly Fees –with the exception of claims involving professional liability, most complex litigation matters are billed hourly as opposed to flat fee or contingency fee

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I have had the pleasure of working with Geoff on various cases over the past 8 years. Geoff has a unique ability to analyze the facts of a case, focus on and address the issues that are critical to successfully resolving each case, either in settlement or by trial. Geoff is always thorough, prepared and easy to work with. Most importantly, Geoff is passionate about what he does and is truly a client advocate. He really cares about his client’s best interest and always strives to achieve the best results possible with the facts he’s given in a particular case. I would strongly recommend Geoff to family and friends.”


“Mr. Schorr did an outstanding job as my attorney. He worked diligently and was always professional, prompt, and very knowledgeable. In addition, he was very kind and attentive. I could not have asked for a better attorney.”